Protecting Your Kids from Hazardous Chemicals

haz chem suit frontFor parents, keeping their little ones safe is a very important part of daily life. Children not only eat and drink more, but also breath more, compared to adults relative to their body size. This makes them more susceptible to health problems arising from hazardous chemicals. Follow the tips below to protect your little ones from hazardous chemicals:

Avoid Toxic Chemicals from Water and Food

  • Wash fruits and vegetables--Washing fruits and vegetables helps to eliminate chemical and dirt residues.
    Scrub produce products containing an edible skin, for example potatoes, using a cloth or a brush.
  • Watch the fish you eat—Many fish have low mercury levels compared to others. These are the best types for kids to eat. Best choices are cod, flounder, tilapia, trout, and salmon, as well as canned light tuna.
  • Allow tap water to run--When water stays in water pipes for a long time, it may pick up lead deposits as well as other metals.Flush water pipes by running cold water through them until the water becomes noticeably colder.
  • Use cold water--Cooking and drinking water, as well as water used to make baby formula should always be taken cold from the tap, as hot water tends to containa higher percentage of lead compounds.

Other Tips:

Always keep pesticides as well as other household chemicals such as chlorine bleach away from the reach of kids. Preferably, keep them in a lockable cabinet.

  • Read the label--Pesticide products, pet products, and housecleaning products could be dangerous or even ineffective when too little or too much is used.Before you apply pesticides, get children as well as their toys safely out of the area. Also, get pets from the place you are applying household pesticides or other chemicals. The kids, their toys, and pets need to stay out as long as the label recommends.
  • Inquire about lead when renting or buying a home--Home sellers and landlords are obligated to disclose lead hazards contained in apartments or houses built prior to 1978, so make sure you find out this information when moving into a new home.

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