Cleaning and Maintenance of a Fish Tank

Cleaning your fish tank and regular maintenance is very important. Fish as pets do not require special care, but for beginners is highly recommended to know the basics of keeping your fish tank cleaned.

Daily maintenance and cleaning is really minimal. Observe your fish to get an idea if they look healthy and satisfied. Maybe this sounds silly or even stupid, but the reason why fish get sick is usually stress. Check your fish tank and be shore that you turned on your filters and lights and that they are functioning correctly. Once a week, check the pH and temperature of the water.

For each cleaning it is mandatory to scrape the glass of your fish tank. For this we use the popular magnet, razor blade or a sponge. This way plants will have more light and the fish tank will seem a lot nicer to us.

In order to properly make the water exchange, do it gradually. Before you start cleaning your fish tank, unplug the lights and equipment. Replace approximately one-third of the liquid. You should do that every week or two. Treat the tap water by the instructions given to you. Remember; a clean fish tank means healthy fish.

For cleaning of the sand we can use the usual rubber hose that is expanded on one side or we can go to any store that deals with fish or general pet equipment, and buy special tools for cleaning of your fish tank. And if your decorations (rocks, wood or something else) are smudged by a lot of algae, you can clean it with your hands or boil it, but it is mandatory to prevent algae from spreading to have fish that feed on algae such as Siamese Algae Eater. A clean fish tank is all your fish wants.

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