Cleaning and Organizing the Refrigerator

Frost-free refrigerators can make house cleaning quick and easy. At one time, before frost-free, mom had to empty out the fridge and prop open the doors to allow built-up ice to melt. This took several hours and she may have even used a fan to speed things up. This time-consuming job might have been necessary every two to three weeks! Thankfully, cleaning your fridge is nowhere near as burdensome thesew days.

Spot cleaning

The best time to spot clean your fridge may be after meals. Doing the dishes means available hot soapy water. So a quick visit to the fridge can be as convenient as cleaning the kitchen table, stove, and countertops. Look for spills, messy-looking jars, and outdated leftovers.


It may take practice, but putting leftovers into reusable containers can minimize food spoilage and keep your refrigerator fresh. Keep masking tape and markers nearby to jot down content and expiration dates, as this may be helpful to avoid consuming foods that are possibly harmful.

Quarterly inside job

If you have been diligent with spot checks, a quarterly cleanup may not be as strenuous. Choose convenient times and write them into your calendar.

  1. Depending on the time of year, you may need to have a cooler to keep frozen supplies from thawing.
  2. Empty out your fridge and discard spoiled or expired items.
  3. Remove all racks, drawers, and shelving; allow them to come to room temperature before washing.
  4. Use a soft cloth and a mild cleaning product; wash the inside of your fridge from top to bottom.
  5. Clean racks, shelves, and drawers with the same gentle cleaning products.
  6. Dry with soft cloths and return all contents.

Today, modern appliances make house cleaning much easier and quicker. Although you may not need to spend as much time as your grandmother to clean your fridge, you can share the same amount of satisfaction over the fruits of your labor – a fresh, healthy-looking refrigerator.

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