Cleaning Tips for Seniors

For independent seniors who want to tackle spring cleaning, taking care of all the clutter and cleaning that needs to be done can sometimes be 

If you want to clean but are a bit overwhelmed or worried about doing it on your own, here are some suggestions for making a big difference in no time.imposing.

Bring in the Crew

Independent doesn't have to mean alone! Recruit friends and family to come in together one day and help you clean top to bottom.

It can be a great time to not only get the house clean, but also just spend some time together. Grab some snacks and some drinks, and hang out as the house gets better and better.

If you want more consistent cleaning, maid services can step in and help out, too!

Take Care of the Clutter

Clutter causes so much trouble when you're trying to keep a house clean. Not only does it take up a lot of space, it also generates more dust. Take this opportunity to go through your things and get rid of some of the things you don't need.

Check the floor for clutter as well, and sweep up wherever you can to help keep tripping and falling hazards to a minimum.

Make it Fun

Put on your favorite radio station and clean to the beat of the music. It'll help you get done faster and make the whole chore much more tolerable—maybe even enjoyable!

When you're done, take some time to relax and enjoy your clean space. A clean house is comforting and relaxing, and you deserve to enjoy it.

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