Getting Lint off of Clothes

In my house, we always seem to run out of things right when we need them. This morning I had to use a dish towel to clean baby food off the table, because we were out of paper towels. Last night it was my lint roller that let me down. I used the last sticky sheet and my sweater needed more. 

Pressed for time, I could not stop at Walgreens and buy another. Luckily I know a few tricks to remove lint in a fix.

Depending on the fabric, I use packing tape. It is my go to replacement for the lint roller because it functions the exact same way. I wrap the tape around my palm, the smooth side on my skin and the sticky side up. Once it is taped to itself and forms a ring, I brush it across my clothes.

The only drawback is that it is not very strong. Thick lint and thick sweaters cling more tightly to each other than a roll of packing tape could possibly imagine. In some places I have to go over it a couple times to get the lint off. Other patches of fuzz do not relent at all.

So my next trick is a razor. It requires caution and patience. It requires a steady balance between the close "shave" required to get off the lint and the precaution needed to prevent slicing the fabric. I have to just barely skim the surface of the shirt to get the best results.

If I am especially partial to the particle of clothing in question, and do not want to risk tearing it, I go to the last option in my arsenal. A damp scouring pad can do a lot more than packing tape. Like the razor method, it too requires patience. It will grab stronger lint than the tape but only if you have a gentle, slow hand.

I prefer to prevent lint rather than struggle with sponges or risk sharp razors. I definitely do not want to spend all that time removing a fuzzy infestation just to attract another one to pick at all night. For the sake of prevention, I wash my clothes with vinegar. I was recently enlightened on all the uses of the sulfur scented stuff, and use it on my laundry for a variety of reasons. It takes out persistent odors, even its own, and protects my clothes from feisty lint.

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