Hard Surfaces and Rust Stains

Keeping things as clean as possible is important when you are working on your housekeeping duties. Unfortunately, surfaces with rust stains just do not clean, or so it seems. There is good news, though: you can find a variety of different cleaners to deal with this. Make sure, however; that you are using the adequate product for the surface that you want to clean.

-Rust Stains on Countertops

Bathroom and kitchen countertops, like every other area that is usually wet, are prone to have rust stains. Iron Out® will do the job, but remember to rinse the area when finished. Another product that works great sometimes is the Magic Eraser®.

-Toilet Rust and Tub Stains

Rust stains sometimes prey upon tubs and toilets because these are areas that are almost always damp or wet. You'll most commonly find rust stains under the ring in the toilet bowl and around or underneath the tub. Some toilet cleaners produce better results than others, as the cleaning quality varies from product to product. With that said, bathroom cleaners will almost always work for both the toilet and the tub if you apply enough effort. One product that works really well on horizontal surfaces is Iron Out®, ideal for tubs. Barkeepers Friend®, in its foam form, works well too for walls; for the toilet, the liquid form works better. The nozzle has both options.

-Sink Stains

One of the places that has a tendency to develop rust stains is the kitchen sink. The material of the sink does not really matter: stainless steel, porcelain, aluminum, or fiberglass. The source, sometimes, is the water, especially if it is pumped out of a well. Other times the rust stain is the result of an items that sat in the sink for too long. How can you deal with this problem?

The most basic degreaser/cleaner kitchen solutions can do the job sometimes. This does not always work, though. CLR® is really good at removing rust stains if you let it soak for a little while. Barkeepers Friend® is another solution that works really well, and there's a lot of people that really like it because it wipes out the stain without too much elbow work. Perhaps you will need to use your regular cleaners for other scum or stains, unless Barkeepers Friend® is what you use.

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