Have a Clean Hardwood Floor Without Damage

Hardwood floors have a reputation of being tricky to clean, but it’s probably a lot easier than you think. The key is not to be careless. The next time you’re ready to do the house cleaning and finally tackle that hardwood floor, follow these simple steps from Real Simple:

1. Move everything out of the way. Furniture, accessories, baskets—anything on the floor needs to be moved out of the way of the area you’re about to clean. You probably won’t be cleaning your floors like this too often, so when you do you want to do it as thoroughly as possible.

2. Take care of dust first. Grab a dry-mop or vacuum cleaner and work on getting the dust and dirty off of the floor. It might seem like an extra step, but leaving dust and dirt not only makes it hard to clean, it can also scratch your floor.

3. Dishwashing soap is all you need. You only want to use a little bit for a bucket of water, and if you can find a low-sudsing choice, that’s even better.

4. Work with a damp mop and follow the grain. The temptation is to saturate the mop and get to work, but too much water on a hardwood floor can cause buckling. Instead, wet your mop in your bucket, then ring it out until it’s merely damp.

5. Buff the floor with a soft cloth. It will take off any residue and leave your floor cleaner and not wet or sticky.

Your maid services will undoubtedly vacuum or dust your floor frequently, but for the big-time thorough cleanings, this is how to do it!

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