How to Make a Beautiful Bed

Making the bed is a pivotal part of a clean bedroom—it does a lot to pull a room together. If you're still making your bed like you did when you were a kid, though; it might be time to try something a little different. Here's how to make your bed look like it belongs in a magazine, and it won't even take any extra time!

Start With Clean Sheets and Blankets

It's recommended that you wash your sheets once a week, but most families tend to go a couple of weeks between washings. If you really want to have clean sheets every week without the necessity of washing all the sheets in a day, keep an extra set of sheets for each bed.

For an extremely expert finish, you can iron your sheets, but if that's too much, just make the bed with straight-out-of-the-dryer sheets. The warmth will keep them smoother and straighter.

Sheets First! 

Put your sheet on, making sure the fitted sheet is secure and the top sheet is tucked in on the sides and bottom. Rather than tuck all of the extra sheet length into the bottom, leave about a foot or two of sheet at the top of the bed so you can fold it down for a decorative touch.

Blanket or Coverlet

Put your blanket or coverlet (this is a thin layer—so keep your comforter or duvet to the side!) over the sheet, tuck it into the sides as well, and fold your extra foot of sheet over the top of the blanket.


There are a few different opinions on what to do with the comforter or duvet:

  • Spread it out across the bed, then turn the top down enough to show the detail of the folded sheet, the top part of the blanket, and leave room for pillows.

  • Fold it in three parts, accordian-style, then lay it across the foot of the bed.

Either one of these can look beautiful, so it's really up to your personal taste.


At the top of the bed, arrange your pillows with the larger ones to the back and the smaller, decorative ones in the front. The idea is to create fluffed, tiered layers of pillows.

Step back and admire the work you've done. It doesn't take much longer than throwing the sheets and blankets on, and it looks designer and professional!

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