How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

Carpet cleaning is just like any home activity; you develop a routine and keep it going. Doing this will enable you to get great results that make your home feel amazing. Understanding the appropriate way to clean your carpet helps you save time because you will do it right the first time round. Below are ways on how to remove coffee stains from carpet.

1. Blotting is an effective method which can be used to remove coffee which has just spilled in the carpet before it dries up. It involves placing a cloth immediately on the carpet and blot as much coffee as possible. Do not rub as it can spread the stain all over the carpet.

2. A coffee stain can also be removed with clean water. Sponge the area with clean lukewarm water and let it dry naturally or blot with a cloth. Repeat the process a couple of times if the stains are still visible.

3. A carpet stain remover is among the best ways to remove coffee stain from carpets. Make sure to use the cleaning product as per the given instructions.

4. Vinegar also helps in coffee stain removal. Add cup vinegar to 1 cup of lukewarm water and use this solution to clean on carpets.

5. Mild detergents can also be mixed with lukewarm water and used for removing. Use 1 teaspoon detergent for approximately 1-2 cups of water.

6. Enzyme digester can also be used in removing older satins of milk or coffee and it must be used as per given instructions.

7. You can rent or buy carpet cleaning machine with a spot remover to remove from your carpet. You can even contact the manufacturer, as he might have some suggestions for cleaning from carpets.

8. If you find the stains too difficult to clean, it is better to call up professional cleaning service, rather than trying out different ways and spoiling the carpet.

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