Money Saving Weatherization Tips For Your Home

1390-112013-120305 dollar 01The cost of energy keeps on skyrocketing and homeowners are particularly concerned about their energy consumption. Whether experiencing winter or summer seasons, there is always the need to protect the interior of your home from the elements of weather such as wind, precipitation and sunlight. This means that energy is consistently consumed. In order to reduce the energy bills, you can adopt weatherization procedures that will cut down on the energy consumed. This article looks at some of the money saving tips that you can adopt when weatherizing your home.

Test the Air Tightness of Your Home

Air leakages usually occur in very subtle ways and unless you have a keen eye,  you may not be able to locate them. You can use a lit incense stick and hold it close to your doors, windows or plumbing fixtures, you will be able to assess whether your home is air tight or has leakages. If the smoke from your incense stick travels horizontally, then there is a leakage of air that may need sealing, caulking or weather stripping.

Locate Dirty Spots within Your Insulation System

Dirty spots usually signify holes through which air leaks in and out of the house. To seal this leakage, you can staple plastic sheets over the holes and then caulk the edges of the plastic.

Install Storm Windows

Storm windows help in reducing frost formation, water condensation and drafts. These windows will protect the indoor environment from the external elements of weather thereby reducing the burden on your air conditioning system. As an alternative which is less costly, you can use heavy duty clear plastic sheets on the inside of your window frames especially during winter. The plastic sheets must be sealed tightly to the frames so that infiltration can be avoided.

Close the Flue Damper

When the fireplace is not used, you have to tightly close the flue damper to prevent the escape of warm air through the chimney. This will prevent your heating system from working extra hard to generate enough heat for the house hence lowering your energy bills.

In the event you are choosing a new construction, you can install house wraps or seal and caulk the exterior walls comprehensively.

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