Three Simple Ways to Deal with Yellow Jackets at Your Home

sivuch2777-120813-timo5Yellow jackets are very aggressive and leave behind painful stings. To most people, yellow jackets are a nuisance.And it’s not just due to their aggressiveness, but because of the painful stings associated with them. Below are three simple tips for getting rid of these potentially painful pests:


Keep trash containers closed and regularly empty open ones.This eliminates possible sources of food, as yellow jackets love sweet soft drinks, fruits and jams, and different types of meat, just to name a few.

Killing The Nest

First, you need to identify any nests around your home. Once you locate the nest (or nests) take note of the entry and exit points the yellow jackets take. The treatment to remove the nest should only be done at night, in darkness. Given that yellow jackets don’t see well, they won’t sting you as much as they would during the day. Also, the entire colony will be around, something that increases the effectiveness of the treatment. However, still come prepared. Make sure to wear long sleeves, and possibly even a thick coat for extra protection, as well as pants, gloves, and something to cover your face and head to avoid as many stings as possible.Treat the nest with pyrethrum-based aerosols like CB Extra or PT 565 Plus. Pyrethrum will form a gas to fill the cavity and kill yellow jackets. Give the aerosol time to dry and then dust the opening using insecticide dusts like D-Fence Dust or Tempo Dust. This dust prevents future hatch outs. Inspect the nest the following day to determine if the insects are dead. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Once you know the yellow jackets are dead, you can remove the nest.


Alpine Yellow Jackets Bait Stations are meant to be used together with Onslaught Insecticide. Apply the station with the Onslaught and fresh meat. The yellow jackets will be attracted into bait station. They ingest the meat that has been mixed with insecticide, and die from the poisoning. The bait method works best during the months of spring and summer and work for most common types of yellow jackets.

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