Tips for Creating a Colorful Bedroom

When the bloggers at HGTV asked their Facebook followers to choose their favorite bedroom, the bright green one in the picture on the left was the winning choice. The designer explained her reason for each design element, and here we break those things down into steps you can use to make your bedroom into a colorful display.

The Bed

Designer Erinn Valencich commented that she sees the bed as the center of the room, so she started there. If you’re happy with your bed, take your cues from it. What color is it? What style? Is it ornate? Simple? Grand or compact?

Taking a look at the bed and using it to build the flavor in the rest of the room will give you a cohesive, thoughtful room.

Work with Accent Colors 

The green in the designed room was the chosen accent color, so it was painted on the wall behind the bed and on an adjacent wall. Careful not to overdue it, though! Find a few small accents in the color of your choice—like small pillows or vases—and leave everything else a bit neutral.

Bright colors can get taxing on someone’s eye, so balance is the key to injecting bright colors into your bedroom.

Mix Your Styles

It’s okay to mix something modern with something more traditional! In fact, it can help a room look much more elegant and comfortable. If your bed is large and ornate, opt for simple designs when it comes to accessories like picture frames, chairs, and side tables.

Likewise, if your bed is small and compact, a few more decorative pieces throughout the room can provide the perfect combination to make your room feel unique.

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