Tips for Using Inspiration in Design

Have you ever had something that inspired you and your design tastes? What if you took something that inspired you and ran with it? Done well, using the things you like as inspiration for your décor can put an extremely unique spin on your space.

When it comes to housekeeping and décor, the goal is to make your home a place you want to be—how do you do that in your space?

Inspired by Fashion

To get some tips for creating a home design from something that inspires you, it helps to take a look at someone who has successfully done it. When fashion illustrator Megan Hess’s home was featured on illustrator Megan Hess’s home was featured on Miss Décor, it was the perfect look at running with inspiration.

1. Look for classic themes and ideas. Many of the things you might be inspired by have classic roots or timeless aspects. For instance, well-done stripes and white furniture will always work.

Use these timeless aspects to create an anchor on which to build. For instance, Megan’s white couch can be re-accessorized to create a completely different look. Hardwood floors and a black and white bathroom achieve the same strong, classic elements that can become versatile when needed.

2. Use elements that remind you of your inspiration. You don’t necessarily want to go pasting pictures of your interest all over the walls, but you can certainly be inspired by and create elements from it.

For instance, Megan’s home includes rich, vibrant colors, vintage touches, and glamorous elements, from an eye-catching light fixture over the dining room table to a statue on the back porch.

3. Accessorize with thematic items—carefully. Depending on the source of your inspiration, it is possible to go a bit overboard, but it is okay to use items from your inspiration.

In this case, Megan used fashion-inspired paintings and illustrations as well as pictures of famous fashion icons. The artistic quality of these pieces make them work well with the space.

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