Better Organization for Clutter-Free Houses

There is no home on earth without at least a little clutter. It could be hiding in a closet or drawer, but it is clutter all the same. Unfortunately, people are often too busy to find time to put normal housekeeping chores in their schedules, including de-cluttering. Some areas that are more prone to clutter than others are:

  • The living room table can easily be covered with remotes, cords, papers, drinks, and pens, among other items.
  • Dining tables hold mail, phones, magazines, textbooks, crayons, kids’ paintings, and a whole lot more.
  • The home office desk suffers no less with phone chargers, pens, coffee mugs, teabags, jewelry, and other items placed there for use at a later time.

These are only the commonly cluttered areas, as each home has a space with lots of traffic and that is where most clutter is found. Clutter can be behind a door, inside cabinets, and tucked away in bedrooms. Many people attribute clutter to inadequate space, but using these tips will help you de-clutter the house and still have some space left for other things.


When organizing, having a place to store things is important. Totes are great storage items for toys, shoes, kitchen tools, books, and tools because they stack, saving lots of space. Put common items in a tote and label it before stacking so you don't have to dig through everything when trying to find a spatula or your daughter's favorite doll. Marker pens and masking tape make the best labeling tools for items around the home.

Racks for Coats and Hats

Hats and coats seem to be all over the home, which is why a rack makes things so efficient. Save yourself that frantic search for your favorite coat by investing in a good rack to hang them up when not in use. The same racks can be used for cords, scarves and storage units to save more space.

Clutter poses danger of injury and makes navigation in the home a big hassle. It is surely time to get organized using racks and totes for total peace of mind. Need a hand in maintaining your freshly de-cluttered home? The Maids Minneapolis is ready to help!

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