Clutter and Stress

Every person at one time or another gets bogged down with clutter and stress. The best thing you can do for yourself and family is take out some time every so often to eliminate the clutter and your stress level will thank you. The garage is a perfect example of where your clutter piles up without much effort. Of course before you know it the closets, junk drawers, dresser drawers and the like are so filled with clutter your stress level skyrockets and everyone suffers. There are several ways to deal with this accumulated clutter and stress. Simple steps that take very little time and could in itself be a stress reliever. 

If your life does not allow for cleaning out the dresser drawers and de-cluttering the attic every month, there simply is not enough time in a day. A simple yet effective option is to create a calendar. Give the family a color that represents them. On your calendar, maybe along with regular chores, you can give each family member a room or even just a drawer to rid of clutter and reorganize. Of course it will take some understanding of which family member can handle which tasks but as a whole everyone should be able to help with something.

This is one of the many options for keeping your house clutter and stress free. With this calendar every day of every month can be a day where looking for that sock or wondering where that outfit went becomes a day that you can confidently walk into any room of the house look in every drawer and know that all of your items are where they are supposed to be and not cluttered by unnecessary items or junk. There is always a way to keep your life clutter and stress free!

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