Spring Cleaning: 10 Minutes a Day

The springtime is a great time to get organized and to focus on household cleaning tasks that might have fallen to the wayside throughout a busy year, but the idea of spring cleaning your home from top to bottom can seem overwhelming. Although you might picture yourself spending hours each day scrubbing and cleaning to try to get your home in order, it doesn't have to be that way. You can actually make a big difference in just 10 minutes a day.

Why Dedicate 10 Minutes a Day?

You're probably pretty busy, and you might not look forward to the idea of spending hours cleaning your home. This can cause you to dread your spring cleaning routine and to put off tasks that should be done, but breaking up your cleaning into a few minutes a day can make things seem much more manageable. Then, you don't have to worry about getting burnt out, putting off the cleaning and organizing jobs that you know need to be done around your home or missing out on other things while you're cleaning.

What to Do in 10 Minutes a Day?

You might not think that you can get much done in a short 10 minutes, but taking this extra time each day can really make a difference. After you have completed your regular household chores, simply set a timer for 10 minutes and work on a project that you haven't dedicated much time to lately. For example, you could focus on cleaning your windows or light fixtures or organizing your closets and drawers. Once the timer goes off, get to a good stopping point and put the task down for the day. Before you know it, your home will be sparkling clean, and you won't be overwhelmed and exhausted from spending all of your time cleaning.

You probably dream of getting your home in perfect order, and now is the perfect time to do it. By just breaking up the work into short, 10-minute sessions, you might be shocked by what you can get accomplished.

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