Decorating Tips Inspired by the Most Common Mistakes

When you flip through home magazines or watch do-it-yourself shows on TV, decorating a house looks easy—and then you try it. It's not as easy as it looks!

It is a part of housekeeping and making your home exactly the way you want it, though; so how can you have a stylish, decorated house without spending the money on a decorator? These four tips inspired by the most common mistakes should help!

Measure the Doors...And Everything Else

It's a sitcom classic: a piece of furniture that won't fit through a door. Unfortunately, there's some truth in this piece of comedy! Before you go shopping for furniture, measure everything—the room you intend to put the piece in, the particular area you intend to put it, and every door and hallway through which it will have to pass.

It might seem excessive, but when you have your new couch in place and all of the walls are still in tact, you'll be glad you did!

Look Up

The ceiling can be a great place to add some interest. It could be painting in a complementary or off-white color, it could be trimming or molding around the edge. It could even be a clean square frame painted onto the ceiling or a subtle wallpaper.

Avoid textures that are dated and that make it difficult to clean, though.

Control the Impulse

Sometimes, you see something you love, and you have to have it immediately. Before you buy it, though; think about where you're going to put it. Does it match what you have in mind for the space or what's already in the space?

It can be tempting to buy that perfect coffee table or recliner, but if it isn't going to match what you have, hold out for something that is both what you want and will fit in with what you have.


Your rooms need a little extra something, so don't be afraid to add some accessories. This could include things like photos, throw pillows, paintings, collections, candles—anything that makes the room feel more personal.

The space is yours, and you can make it both stylish and unique to you and your family!

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