A Spring Cleaning Checklist

Everyone's hoping the weather will start to warm up soon, and with that warmer weather comes the desire for starting fresh, including at home. How do you usually handle spring cleaning? Are you a marathon cleaner, a family team of delegated responsibilities, or do you focus on just the most important tasks?

If you aren't sure where to start with your spring cleaning, call maid services to get you headed in the right direction. You can also start working your way through these projects suggested by Better Homes & Gardens:

Wash the Windows. Clean windows actually do quite a bit for a house. They let sunlight in without blocking it, and if your windows are extremely dirty, it shows!

Thankfully, washing the windows is extremely easy. A microfiber cloth is the best choice for the washing, and you can use just a little bit of low-suds dish soap in some water to clean it.

If you have a squegee, that's best, but if not, dry the windows with either a dry microfiber cloth or a towel that won't leave much lint.

Extra tip: don't do the windows on a sunny day, it encourages streaks!

Wash the Walls. Most people don't wash their walls unless there's a reason, but walls collect dirt just like any other surface in your house. Grab that same water and dish detergent mixture and hit the walls, baseboards, and door frames.

Clean the Carpet. Twice a year, any carpet can use a deep cleaning. Steam cleaning is definitely the best, it kills germs all the way through the pad beneath your carpet.

Now is the time of year, too; to clean under furniture, so as you start your carpet cleaning process, prepare to move the furniture out of the way!

That will get you a good head start on your spring cleaning, and you'll feel good that you're doing something great for your home!

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