One Fashion Expert's Tips on Seasonal Clothes Transition

Every year, you put away your winter clothes and pull out your warmer weather clothes, but do you go through them when you switch them out? Most people have clothes they never wear filling up their closets!

Fashion expert Maria Menounos offered her favorite suggestion for cleaning out your closet, and it's completely doable: as you go through your clothes, if you come across something you haven't worn in a year, immediately toss it in a to give or to sell pile.

Don't try it on because, as Menounos points out, if you try it on you might decide you want to keep it even if you'll never wear it, and then you won't have room for beautiful new clothes!

Out With the Old, In With the New

The best thing you can do for a wardrobe that's busting at the seams is to adopt the “get one, give one” policy. Whenever you bring something into the house for yourself, pick something you own to give away. This way, you aren't increasing your belongings, just freshening them.

According to Menounos, now is a good time to go shopping for your spring wardrobe. If you're a woman, look for florals, light fabrics, bright colors, and wedges. For men, velvet, blues, and neutral prints are good choices for spring.

Organizing the Closet

When you put everything back into your closet after sorting, put everything together in categories that make sense for you; this could be colors, styles, or function of the clothes, but by grouping them together, you make it easier to find everything you need.

While you're at it, update your laundry room with a whites basket and a colors basket, then you can sort when you undress and save yourself some hassle later!

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