Is Cleaning Your Leather Jacket That Hard?

character 1110095-012814-intLeather jackets are not only expensive, but they are also cool, iconic and elegant in their own way. Although these jackets are classy and “evergreen”, taking care of them and cleaning them to get rid of stains is one of the hardest things. Some house cleaning tasks can be difficult too, but the Maids of Minneapolis in St. Louis Park can handle those effectively. Regardless, stains and unsightly dirt may compromise the looks of your leather jacket if not properly cleaned. There are special cleaning tips that can help restore the elegance and newness. Check out these suggestions for some essential tips.

Brushing Suede

Unlike polished leathers, suede and brushed leathers require special treatment because even water itself can alter its texture by staining the suede. Use a soft brush to remove loose dirt, slight discolorations, and small spots. This will get your leather jacket tidy while maintaining its original color and glamor. You can take your jacket to a professional leather jacket cleaner for serious stains like grease and other colored stains.

Getting Rid Of Spots in Patent and Polished Leathers

With their smooth surface, polished and patent leather jackets are the easiest to clean. Removing spots from these jackets requires you to equip yourself with a soft cloth and a bucket of warm water. Wiping it down using a soaked soft cloth should remove most of the stains, spots, and other forms of dirt. Using detergents and soaps make your leather jacket deteriorate in value. Be gentle and use smooth brushing motions to avoid any scratches. Clean only the surface to keep the material unsaturated.

Cleaning the Lining

The inside part of your jacket can also get dirty and it may need occasional cleaning. To remove spots, get some water, a piece of soft cloth,andsome soap to clean it. To treat the entire lining, professional leather jacket cleaning services are necessary.

How to Condition Your Leather Jacket

Conditioning is one of the ways of fostering the lifespan of brushed and polished leather jackets. Many leather conditioners out there will help you condition your jacket. Just make sure that you obtain a leather conditioner that suits your specific type of material. Conditioning should be done after cleaning.

The above tips are essential in keeping your leather jackets clean all the time. Note that cleaning your jacket regularly will help it last longer as well.

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